Female KPOP Artists with the Most Music Show Wins

Female KPOP Artists with the Most Music Show Wins

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Published: 23 Juli 2022

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Female KPOP Artists with the Most Music Show Wins

Female KPOP Artists with the Most Music Show Wins

GFRIEND, (G)I-DLE, 2NE1, 4MINUTE, aespa, Apink, BLACKPINK, Brave Girls, CHUNG HA, Girls' Generation (SNSD), #ITZY, IU, IVE, Iz*One, Jewelry, Lee Hyori, MAMAMOO, OH MY GIRL, Red Velvet, STAYC, Taeyeon, TWICE, SISTAR, Wonder Girls.

Sources: https://kpop.daisuki.com and https://kpopping.com
* Both my sources list SNSD's HOOT as having 8 music show wins, while many articles state it has 10. I will continue to dig around for other sources to see if I can corroborate the claims of 10 wins.

This video is made with the following databases: https://kpopping.com/ and https://kpop.daisuki.com and tracks music show wins from The Show, Show Champion, M Countdown, Music Bank, Show Music Core, and Inkigayo. Daisuki takes data from 2010 onwards. Kpopping tracks from 2003 onwards, but also has a community input function so users can update data. Therefore, it is liable to change. I've tried my best, and will always continue to try and find the best data sources so I can make the most accurate videos, but please understand that some info is unfortunately a) not translated into English, b) archived and inaccessible, or c) simply lost.

#itzy #sneakers

I love K-Pop! This video aims to inform, promote and celebrate K-Pop artists by spreading their music to a wider audience. Please watch the original videos to support the artists you love!

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